Face Like a Map

by Brother Keep

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released December 29, 2012



all rights reserved


Brother Keep Buffalo, New York

Nick Sessanna
Jake Sessanna
Nathan McDorman
Adam Cwynar
Mike "Fiki" Rakiecki

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Track Name: Coyote
I could have sworn I've heard that sound before
You're crying wolf like it's some kind of metaphor
See you don't care if I was barely breathing
All you know is I've got something that's worth stealing
That gleam of mine has caught your eye again

We're all chasing after moons
Like we could pull them down

We all - we live like giants
We're massive in our heads
But we all - we're all just scavengers
Like everybody else.

So is it coy-oat or is it coy-oat-ee
I'm never sure so I'll sit there idly
Pondering where to place inflections
When I should be worried about my sense of direction

Oh, the morning comes too soon
And we're nowhere to be found

We're chasing after moons like we could pull them down
The morning comes too soon and we're nowhere to be found
Track Name: Good or Bad
Is it my irreverent posture?
Or all the things I'm unsure of?
A habit I intend to break?
I'm rational by definition
But none of it will reach fruition
Because I just do not like the taste

The trifle of my childhood fears
Time and money poorly spent
Now that I have made it here, it seems as if I'm lost again
Well there's something and there's nothing
And I am somewhere stuck between the two.

I could try to feign another attempt at feeling sorry
But I would rather be frank than insincere
I could try to feign another attempt but I don't feel sorry
I would rather be frank than insincere

Whether they're good or bad
There will always be remnants I find of the empathy I left behind
So regardless of what I may seem
The stilted rhymes and the hackneyed poetry
I am not who I thought I would be
I am a bad man - I say this sincerely
We're all the same.
We're all the same.
We're all the same.
Track Name: Faux Blue
I am a fish in a giant ocean I never knew
I fell right in to that filthy shade of faux blue

They say good things come to those who wait
Well I'm waiting - I'll be waiting.
I'd like to think I have time to waste
I'm waiting - I'll be waiting

I caught a glimpse of a coin as it dropped from the surface
It grazed my lips and I could taste that the metal was tarnished
When all the chemicals met
Well then the salt turned it green
That awful taste in my mouth
It was alkaline envy

I look up to that impossible sky
Where the sun overhead hits the clouds just right
They say the sky's the limit
But the watery depths have a bottom to hit
And it sucked me right in.
Track Name: Echo My Sentiments
You can take my car and we'll drive it to wherever it may go
I would never say that in jest
Because I am not that type of companion
I would never say those words without a weight on my chest

You can take the words that I say and you can put them in your skin
If it means you'll share them with me.
You can steal away every word that I say
If it will stay with you indefinitely

I need someone to echo my sentiments.

I am growing tired of these trials that I face
Trying to prove my case to juries unwilling
Where are my voices of reason?
They've gone south for the season and left me here killing time.

The days are growing short and they're going to waste
Trying to speak my mind but nobody's listening
(nobody's listening)
I will not oblige to this vacant landscape
We'll all be underground attempting to hibernate
Track Name: Spread the Dust
Lion man with a tiger's jaw
Light a fire beneath his claws
Set him free but dissolve his pride
And find a cave he can live inside

Set a fire and I'll be gone
Just leave me something to call my own
Sweep the ashes and spread the dust
Just leave me something to call my own

I admit I still dream at night
Those images I get lost inside
Tired body but restless mind
"I can't sleep, I can't sleep."
I am tethered by a thought or two in a quiet room.

I can't escape that list of things I have to accomplish
Or that listlessness after nightly disappointments
If I could rest my head and free my neck from this chokehold
Then I could break that lull and finally find my way back home

But until then, I will spread that dust again.
Track Name: Soil
I'm a speck on some dust and it spins round a light
You are dwarfed by a sun a billion times your size
Despite impossible odds along this great decay
We're mere minutia among the grand scheme of things

How could I compare myself to a planet when the space they invade is so intangible?
I know I'm alive and that I can't understand it
We are all drawn together by an endless pull

We all came from the same place - the center of a star
But we will never return, instead we'll sink into the soil.

I read your face like a map above an open flame
What if your book carries pages in a different way?
There are billions of us - not everyone will have a tale to tell.
Some stories are too mediocre to sell

We won't ever return to the star from which I know we all originate
And the closest I'll come to that place will be the chemicals when I dissolve away.